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  White IPA / Belgian IPA  

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Słody: Pilzneński 4 kg, płatki pszenne 2.8 kg, płatki żytnie 0.8 kg

Chmielenie: Waimea 20 g (60 min), Waimea 15 g (hop stand 70 min), Wakatu 15 g (hop stand 70 min), Wakatu 60 g (na zimno), Citra 40 g (na zimno), Cascade 20 g (na zimno), Kolendra mielona 10 g (na zimno)

Drożdże: Safbrew S-33

Dodatki: Kolendra mielona 30 g (hop stand 70 min), Curacao 40 g (hop stand 70 min), skórka z 1 cytryny (hop stand 70 min)

Modyfikacja wody: Gips piwowarski 10 g, chlorek wapnia 2 g, kwas cytrynowy 24 g

Informacje o warce

Styl: White IPA / Belgian IPA

Data uwarzenia: 2014-03-07

Gęstość początkowa: 15.8° Plato

Gęstość końcowa: 6° Plato

Zawartość alkoholu: 5.4% ABV

Goryczka: 46 IBU

Kolor: 7 EBC

Butelkowanie: 2014-04-05

Opis stylu

White IPA / Belgian IPA (hybrid: Witbier / IPA)

Ogólny opis

Inspired by the American India Pale Ale (IPA) and Double IPA, more and more Belgian brewers are brewing hoppy pale colored ales for the US market (like Chouffe & Urthel), and there's been an increase of Belgian IPAs being brewed by American brewers. Generally, Belgian IPAs are considered too hoppy by Belgian beer drinkers.

Pale styles of this beer are gold to light brown in color. Chill haze may be evident. They are either 1) non-Belgian beer types portraying the unique characters imparted by yeasts typically used in fruity and big Belgian-Style ales or are 2) defined Belgian-style beers portraying the unique character of American hops. – These beers are unique beers unto themselves. Yeast derived characters such as banana, berry, apple, sometimes coriander spice-like and/or smoky-phenolic characters should be portrayed with balance of hops and malt character when fermented with such yeast. American hop aroma, flavor and bitterness not usually found in traditional Belgian-styles will have a medium to very high aroma, flavor and bitterness character. Color falls in the blonde to amber range. Esters should be at medium to high levels. Diacetyl should not be evident. Sulfur-like yeast character shouldbe absent. No Brettanomyces character should be present. An ale which exhibits Brettanomyces character would be classified as „American-style Brett Ale”. A statement by the brewer that could include information such as style being elaborated upon, and other information about the entry with regard to flavor, aroma or appearance, is essential for fair assessment in competitions. Beers with Brettanomyces may be subcategorized under this category.


You'll generally find a cleaner bitterness vs. American styles, and a pronounced dry edge (very Belgian), often akin to an IPA crossed with a Belgian Tripel. Alcohol by volume is on the high side. Many examples are quite cloudy, and feature tight lacing, excellent retention, and fantastic billowy heads that mesmerize (thanks, in part, to the hops).

Belgian IPA is still very much a style in development.


Oregon brewery Deschutes and Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing are commonly credited with creating the style when they sat down to develop a collaboration beer in 2010. The two brewers developed the recipe and then returned to their respective breweries to each produce their own take on the single recipe. This beer, Conflux No.2, is the first commercial example of a White IPA that we have been able to find any reference to, though inventive home brewers might have been developing this style before the Deschutes/Boulevard collaboration.

When Conflux No.2 hit the craft beer scene it caused quite a stir; the very limited production run and the positive word-of-mouth made this a really tough-to-find beer with a lot of buzz surrounding it. Our local bottle shop saved us one of the few bottles they saw of it, and for us the beer lived up to the hype. We found it to be a very complex beer with tons of assertive spice character that complemented its hop-forward IPA DNA. Sadly that was the only bottle we ever saw, but that void is now being filled by several craft breweries that have plans to release their own take on the hybrid style.


Various malts are used, but the beers of the style are finished with Belgian yeast strains (bottle-conditioned) and the hops employed tend to be American.

Podstawowe informacje

Original Gravity: Varies with style

Apparent Extract/Final Gravity: Varies with style

Bitterness (IBU): Varies with style

Color SRM (EBC) 5- 15 (10-30 EBC)

Average alcohol by volume (abv) range: 6.0-12.0%

Komercyjne przykłady

Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA, Sarnac White IPA, Deschutes ChainBreaker White IPA, Anchorage Brewing Galaxy White IPA